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Kashmiri Food

In Da Lake of Kashmir same foods available as in Dehli, but in local markets different foods available. In khayam chowk delicious foods available and khayam chowk is 7km far from da lake. If you are a food lover then must read my blog. In Kashmir, different meals with Kashmiri people taste These are:

Mutton Kabab Korma

Kashmiri chef made mutton kabab korma in griddle that's why the taste of Kashmiri mutton kabab is different rather than other other cities.

Chicken Kabab Koram

It is also made on the griddle.


Kashmiri likes to eat nadru. Nadru is like pakoras.its also use in yakhni.

kashmiri food
kashmiri food


Shingara is looking like samosas, but the recipe of shingara is different, people eat it a lot.

kashmiri food
kashmiri food


kashmiri people made pakora with onion and chilis and they also made Pea's pakoras and potato pakoras. Eat with special chutney and this chutney made with radish and green chili.

Chicken Samosas

In chicken samosa, Kashmiri people use chicken and radish in it to make it more delicious and made for visitors of Kashmir especially.
chicken samosa
chicken samosa

Fry Fish

Many tourists eat these things whenever they visit Kashmir and those who are food lovers and want to know about Kashmir foods read this article you can also make it in your homes and enjoy the taste in your place.

fry fish
fry fish

Seekh Kabab

Chicken kabab


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